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From Sketches

to Final Image

In this assignment we first sketched a minimum of 8 image to play with shapes and composition.

In a group of three we chose one to develop into three different color schemes.

Then it was time for the whole class to chose which on of the three to do a matte painting of.

"The aim is, with the help of more advanced knowledge in post-production and composition,

create a visualization based on a sketch with Matte Painting.
You will find, expose and compile photos from various sources to realize your sketch.

You should create a visualization but only a lighted white 3D geometry as a base.
The building's textures and context should be built entirely from Photoshop photos."

Från skiss till bild: Text
Från skiss till bild: Arbete

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Från skiss till bild: Rubriker
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