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The Furniture Project

In this project we chose an existing chair and modeled it our selfs in 3Ds Max. And showed it in both a studio environment and a fitting place for the chair of our choice. I made the Perry Dining Chair from Essentialhome.

"The goal is to learn 3D modeling and rendering visualizations on a piece of furniture with the help of basic knowledge in software and design. You must model an existing piece of seating furniture from a photo, drawing or other surface. You are free to choose which piece of furniture you want to build, but it must be a typical modern sitting piece of furniture. You are not allowed to design your own furniture. The furniture should be textured in a suitable way and rendered both in a simple studio and an image that becomes a larger context. You should also render out and submit a Wireframe image. "

3Ds Max | Corona | Photoshop

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