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Urban Architecture

In this project we received three different Rhino files, photos of site, PDF's with information and in the middle of the project an upgraded Rhino file. And it was our job to gather every information and make one image out of it.

"All projects starts by receiving files from someone else in one way or another. Even if you're part of a team you must be able to go through complex material to decide how to proceed. What did you get? Is something missing? What needs to be fixed? Which are the key features? Are there any question marks that needs to be addressed?
You also have to consider how to bring the site to life. Often you’re given some camera angles to start with. The client probably have a set of values that the images needs to express: local connection, certain kinds of people and types of activities. Sometimes the season and time of day are decided by the client. If you need site photos it’ often partly decided by the current situation.
In the end it’s up to you, the artist, to take all the information and use your expertise to visualize it all in a pleasing way. You need to think about composition and how it reads as an image."

3Ds Max | Vray | Rhino | Rail Clone | Forestpack

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