The Renovation Procject

In this project we chose from three different target groups a house our apartment that were in need of a renovation.

Then it was time to fictionally renovate the object to suit the chosen target group.

I chose an small apartment in Kungsholmen, Stockholm (42 square meters) 

for a target group called "in the middle of the carrier, no kids".

"The student must compile a Moodboard that suits a specific target group.
The moodboard will serve as a basis for styling and lighting.


The modeling focuses mainly on the room, props should mainly consist of finished 3D models.
The scenes should be rendered as 32-bit EXR-files.

In Photoshop, the EXR-files should be compiled in 32-bit and then

improved and supplemented with window view photos and any plants in 16-bit.


The aim is that the student, with the help of basic knowledge in software, architecture, moodboards and design,

learns to create interior visualizations and motivate their design choices."


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